Allherluv – Cadence Lux,Joanna Angel,Kira Noir,Serena Blair – The Path To Forgiveness part 4


Antics continue at "Women for Wholeness." Mother Sarah knows that Mother Lauren is abusing her position at the camp. The two women are heads of the organization, although Sarah has run the place ever since their parents passed away. Sarah threatens to cut Lauren from the camp if she continues to sin behind closed doors, abusing her powerful position, and betraying Sarah's trust.

Hayley meets Jordan while she is hanging laundry on the line. Hayley is angry with Jordan, she doesn't want to see her, but Jordan apologizes and explains why she is a hunter for the camp. Hayley's defenses crumble as she looks into Jordan's soulful eyes, she sees the woman that she loves. Hayley agrees to Jordan's plan to escape. Watch the story unfold…

Date: August 3, 2022

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