Allherluv – Darcie Dolce,Katrina Jade – Hour of 13


Synopsis: [Story by member: ossiennelson4] Katrina Jade wakes up her sweet and annoyed friend, Darcie Dolce. ” Wake up, it’s almost the hour of thirteen!”
Darcie rubs the sleep from her eye, “Sure, Leap Year Day. It’s to even out the Solar Calendar.”
Katrina burst in the door, “These hours are cumulative. Anything we do intentionally during the hour of thirteen will repeats itself on Leap Year Day. If we make love on every hour of the hour of thirteen for those six times each year for the next four years…”
Darcie contemplates, “Then on Leap Year Day, all those hours of lovemaking will automatically repeat themselves..”
Watch the story unfold..

Date: August 4, 2022

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