Allherluv – Britney Light,Emma Hix – Insomniac – Daydream


"Do not look at her ass, that's how it all starts," Emma tells herself as she shakes off the thought and walks towards the garden hose. Emma's best friend, Britney is stunning, her perfect blonde hair is always cascades down her back in loose curls. Her round perky ass tests the strength of her denim daisy-dukes. Britney turns around and looks at Emma as she grabs the hose, "let's tackle these chores one-by-one, what shall I water first?"
Emma smiles at her friend. Emma's been having a crises, she can't sleep.. which doesn't sound all that bad, but she is starting to confuse day dreams with reality. Britney looks stunning, gorgeous, sexy, but it's all so confusing. Why is Emma dreaming of having sex with every beautiful person she loves? She also has these feelings for her step-brother, but let's save that disaster for another episode. "I'll pull the weeds, you mow the grass seeds," she tells Britney with a grateful nod.
Britney waters the grass and accidentally hits Emma's legs.
Emma gasps, "ooh.. it's cold"
Britney shrugs insincerely, "sorry!" She sprays Emma's white top. The cotton becomes see through and shows off Emma's perfectly perky B cup breasts.
Emma gasps "Britney!" She grabs the sprinkler and is out for revenge. She sprays Britney as Britney's full breasts seem to move in slow motion, hypnotizing Emma. Emma bites her lip, she's starting to feel it, she tries to concentrate, to keep herself from day-dreaming.
Britney runs inside and lays on the sofa, "take off your wet clothes, we'll put them in the sun while we finish up these chores." Emma looks at her stunned. She can't stop the fantasies from invading her mind. The most beautiful girl in school is on the sofa, nude.

Watch the story unfold..

Date: August 4, 2022

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