Allherluv – Ivy Wolfe,Scarlett Sage – Sage Union


Ms. Sage is the owner and operator of Sage Union a successful public service that helps workers unionize in Nebraska. Ivy Wolfe has just moved from Manhattan back to her hometown in Nebraska and she's fallen back in love with small town living. She's decided to stay in Nebraska and apply for the open attorney position at Sage union. Ivy assumes the organization is run by men, just as her last law firm in Manhattan was all men. Working with men suits her the best because she just can not work with women, she "likes" working with women a little too much. Scarlett opens the door and Ivy sees the stunning petite blonde. Ivy's eyes are wide, her heart races, and she tries to hold it together. Scarlett extends her hand to Ivy, and Ivy flings her arms around Scarlett inhaling the sweet scent of her neck, her hair, she feels Scarlett politely pry herself back.

Watch Ivy desperately try to hold herself together as this the story unfolds..

Date: August 6, 2022

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