Allherluv – Kenna James,Maya Kendrick – Reignited


Prelude: Maya Kendrick was my best friend and my lover, of course, being a lesbian is unacceptable for a pastor’s daughter so I had a cover. I dated this guy from college, his name doesn’t matter, but it made Maya insanely jealous. I tried to tell her that he “meant nothing” to me, and that I loved her, but that never satisfied her. One stormy night she came to me and told me that she slept with him. That he was not faithful to me, and this was proof. I was so upset, not upset that this guy was unfaithful, but that Maya cheated on me. I walked all night in the rain, and then I went to her dorm, she wasn’t there– but her brother, Seth, was there. Seth saw that I was upset and I cried in his arms. He consoled me, it felt good to be in his arms. I closed my eyes and imagined that I was in Maya’s arms. Long story short. I married her brother. Ten years later I give birth to my daughter, Elana, we call her “Laney.” Maya went through a downward spiral ever since college. She dropped out. She’s been borrowing money from Seth, and her other friends and family. I hate her. I hate her for cheating on me, but deep inside, I love her. I think about her all the time and what could have been. I wonder if God split us apart, if it was his will for me to be with her brother? I thought that these ten years, until she came knocking on my door. Watch the story unfold..

Date: August 5, 2022

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