Allherluv – Kristen Scott,Scarlett Sage – Catfish


Some people use dating sites to find love. Some people go to the local bar. Some people are not me. I'm a lesbian in a small town and the list of qualifications for my perfect girl are so long that I'm not opposed to looking into the straight pool of girls. I'm also extremely busy. I run the only auto-body shop in town and I don't have time to travel the world looking for the perfect girl. What's a lonely lesbian girl to do? I'll tell you if you promise not to judge me, after all, don't we all cut corners if we can?
I'll confess. I've got a guy, Jay, who will search out the big cities for the perfect girl. I like extroverted-types, just like my late wife, Sarah. Sarah was the perfect woman, petite, blonde, big blue eyes, with a smile that would light up the room. She was always inspiring me to live outside my comfort zone, meeting new people, traveling he world to see operas and plays. She was a playwright and took commissions for her stories that, to this day, are still played all over the world. I like a girl that has an artistic side. Jay knows where to hang out to find an extroverted artist, but she also has to sweet, almost naive, and very open to falling head over heels in love. Jay's a handsome guy, and sometimes he'll use his charm to lure straight girls, if they meet the criteria. I'm not opposed to seducing a straight girl, hell– I love a challenge.
I'm going to meet Scarlett today. Scarlett is a petite blonde, just like my Sarah, with blue eyes and a big smile. She's a lonely girl, she's been living alone in New York City for four years and she just lost her job as a textbook editor. She has aspiration to be a writer, and Jay thinks she has potential to be successful. "This one's different," he tells me on the phone, "she's smart, genuinely sweet, and there's something vulnerable about her." My heart jumps in anticipation, a gorgeous girl, an artist, looking for love.. and if she's wounded, she should be easy prey.

Watch the story unfold..

Date: August 5, 2022

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