Allherluv – Penny Pax,Violet Starr – Release Day


Penny lays on the rug with Violet, Penny asks, “how do you know if you’re really a lesbian? You’ve never been with a man.. unless you slept with a guy in Juvi?”
Violet shakes her head, “No, I’ve never slept with a guy.” Violet looks at the framed pic of Penny’s boyfriend, “Can you tell me what it’s like to be with a man?”
Penny looks over at the framed photo of her boyfriend, Alex, “you mean, the sex?”
Violet nods.
“I’ve been with Alex for six months now and I’ve only recently started to enjoy it. Guys have to be taught how to please a woman, and I was always too embarrassed to teach him what I liked.”
Violet raises her eyebrow in suspicion, “so.. you spent, 5 months faking orgasms?”
Penny laughs, “yeah.. but then one day I decided I was going to not make a sound unless he did something I really liked. I taught him that way how to touch me.”
“Stupid, why didn’t you just tell him how you like to be fucked?”
Penny winces at her step-sister’s new vulgar tongue, “BECAUSE Violet, it’s not feminine.”
“What do you know about feminine? Girls are always telling girls what they like during lesbian sex. “Faster, softer, suck on my clit, spit on it, good girl..” that sort of thing.
Penny’s heartbeat raises.. Violet continues, “And so how do you know if you’re really straight if you’ve never been with a girl?”
Penny hesitates, “..because I just know.”
“Yeah.. well I thought I knew. But I could tell, you liked it when we kissed.”
Penny smiles, looks embarrassed, “that was.. I don’t know, something strange.”
Violet, “strange is for correction officers, judges, and priests to decide. Everything that I think is perfectly normal so long as the two people involve are happy, there is no strange, no matter what.”

Watch the story unfold..

Date: August 5, 2022

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