Allherluv – Natasha Nice,Penny Pax – Pro Bono


Natasha was wrongly imprisoned but she’s lucky that her family has money, or so she thought. Penny comes into the jail cell to inform her that her family has stopped paying the bill so her case will be transferred to a public attorney. Natasha is stunned, but she begins to ask Penny if she could use her teaching services, or maybe her prior experience as a maid. “I could clean your house,” she tells Penny desperately, “forever, if you’d like.”

Penny listens to Natasha’s plea, but carefully observes her negotiation skills. Penny makes mental notes of Natasha’s fine genetics, her kindness, her drive, beauty, and her intelligence. She certainly has fine genetics, and that’s something that Penny needs.

Watch the story unfold..

Date: August 5, 2022

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