Allherluv – Blair Williams,Emma Hix,Katrina Jade – The Boss' Daughter


Sweetheart Emma always tries to do the right thing. She goes to church every Sunday, she always takes on overtime when her boss asks for it, and she forgives her boyfriend when he walks all over her time after time. Everyone has warned her about the boy, but now she is forced to pay attention. He has taken the money deposits she was to deposit Monday morning. Her best friend, Blair, tells her to use her feminine powers to wiggle out of the situation, "just casually offer Mr. Peters a blowie, as a joke, and see if he's open to the idea."
Emma weighs the pros and cons and decides to go through with it. She walks into the office and Katrina, the boss' daughter is sitting in his chair. "What did you need to see Daddy for? I own half of the company, you can tell me anything you would tell him." Emma's heart begins to race, her palms are sweaty, she swallows her pride and begins to confess…

Watch the story unfold..

Date: August 4, 2022

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